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23 November 2012

One week following our Audi RS 7 renders we have decided to continue in that vein with shots of the RS 6 Avant based on our best intel. Like the RS 7, we don’t believe the RS 6 is imminent and due to be revealed before the end of the year, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it on an Audi stand by Geneva early next year since non-flared prototypes of the car have been seen out and about in testing locales for some time now.

As with our RS 7 renders, we looked closely at spy photos in order to try to create a more accurate rendition. Inspection of the test mule, and in particular its chin, have us thinking the RS 6 design may deviate more than you might expect from that of the RS 7. Unlike RS 7 mules, spy photos of the RS 6 found in our photo gallery  show a fascia more like early spy photos we saw of the RS 4. This suggests the RS 6 may have the outer triangular inlets more like the RS 4 whereas we designed the RS 7 to share more with the RS 5 for similar reasons.

Granted, this is a guess, but we’re pretty confident in that guess. Given Audi’s strong cohesiveness of the RS brand, we are making a highly educated estimation at the rest of the design. Our render features the aforementioned blister fender arches and the lower rear valance with oval exhaust tips that are expected cues. Also likely is the use of that great-looking new split-spoke RS wheel design that was introduced on the RS 4 that is now migrating to duty on the RS 5 as well. Sample images of those wheels included carbon ceramic brakes underneath, and it seems a foregone conclusion that the RS 6 will offer these as optional kit.


RS 6 Engine Intel
What else do we know about the RS 6? Our intel and logic both tell us that the car will use a version of Audi’s new 4.0 TFSI biturbo engine just as we suggested with the RS 7. Many rumor stories we’ve read suggest the RS 6 and RS 7 will simply adopt a pre-packaged hotter version from the S8 or Bentley Continental GT V8 (520 hp and 567 hp respectively, versus the S6’s 420 hp), but we’re not so sure.

While at the recent North American S6, S7 and S8 launch event we had a chance to chat one of the engineers who worked on the 4.0 TFSI program. At that time we learned that one of the significant differences between the 4.0 TFSI applications between S8 and S6 is the addition of a second intake for better flow and less pressure loss. Apparently, the packaging of the S8’s second intake will not fit the C-sized packaging of the RS 6 and RS 7.

There is another factor at play here too and that is precedent. RS cars have always made use of an engine tuned by or for quattro GmbH specifically for the RS application (also shared with R8 in the case of the 4.2 FSI high-rev). If Audi follows in this expected behavior, then it is reasonable to assume that quattro GmbH is developing its own higher-spec 4.0 TFSI for fitment in the smaller packaging of the C-sized cars – RS 6 and RS 7.

What Else to Expect from RS 6?
Expect the usual array of other upgrades as well for the RS 6. No doubt the car will get RS-style gauges similar to what is seen in the RS 4 and RS 5. We’d not be surprised to see a flat-bottom steering wheel added as well as Recaro shell seats as optional… at least in Europe until an airbag-equipped version becomes available. More aggressive tuning of the car’s electronic systems such as suspension, steering, transmission and rear Sport Differential are also expected, though we don’t expect the addition of a manual gearbox since there’s not one already for the more mainstream S7. In fact, the tune of the 4.0 TFSI may be beyond the torque ratings for the 7-speed S-tronic so it is entirely possible that the RS 6 will move to the same fast-shifting 8-speed Tiptronic as the S8 and the Bentley in order to cope.

In closing, check out more renders of the RS 6 Avant in our photo gallery linked here and at the bottom of the page. Also, drop us a comment in our S6/S7/RS 6/RS 7 discussion forum to let us know what you think of our render. Are we close?

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Editor’s Note:
For readers, we’d like to apologize for putting watermarks all over these photos. It is a practice we’ve tried to get away from, but recent #FotoshopFriday features like last week’s RS 7 were quickly picked up, clipped of our subtle description bar at the bottom and re-posted by other websites, and surprisingly even Audi enthusiast sites that we’d expect to show more respect for our original content. As a result, we’ve returned to the practice of adding watermarks and will upload non watermarked versions at a later date.

For publishers out there, if you wish to republish your own version of this story please feel free to use a few (but not all) of these images and please do so without removing our watermarks or labels (from gallery versions of the photos). We can also provide high-resolution and watermark free versions of these images for publications willing to credit Fourtitude prominently in your story.

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