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Intel: Audi Working on 282 MPG Car

A car that lays down 282 miles per gallon of gasoline would be revolutionary, taking mainstream ground transportation via the internal-combustion engine to a realm that so far has been unthinkable. It’s always been assumed that such hyper-efficiency would only be the realm of electrified or hydrogen-powered vehicles.

But Audi has let it be known that the company is working on just such a vehicle. Inside Audi AG, according to the British publication Autocar, the vehicle is known as the “1.0-liter car.” And Audi pledges that it will be a full, four-seater model that has all the creature comforts of typical cars, including air conditioning, according to Micki Maynard on

The Audi effort is related to a 1.0-liter car that parent Volkswagen AG premiered as a concept L1 vehicle at the International Motor Show in 2009, a full-hybrid vehicle that weighed just 380 kg and was intended to become the world’s most fuel-efficient automobile.

The new Autocar report didn’t provide many additional details, based on a conversation with Wolfgang Duerheimer, the Audi AG Board of Management Member for Technical Development since last spring.

Maynard speculated that the Audi car also would be “electrified in some fashion” and said it would have a small gasoline engine, not the two-cylinder diesel engine that VW developed for its L1, according to Autocar.

But, Maynard said presumably quoting Autocar, the car would use a steel platform and carbon-fiber components in a light-weighting strategy that apparently wouldn’t rely on aluminum

Autocar said that the vehicle is about three years away from reaching any showroom, and it wasn’t clear whether the U.S. market would be considered.

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