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New Audi Corporate Design Receives Award

• Winner of the “Good Design” competition of the German Designer Club
• Evolved appearance of the brand
• Aluminum Silver in the foreground, with exclusive Audi typeface
• “Pure and Clean” as design theme

AUDI AG has won the renowned prize of the German Designer Club. In the competition for “Good Design” the Ingolstadt car maker’s refined corporate design took the prize in the corporate communications category. The strengthening of the brand essence “Vorsprung durch Technik” and the manifestation of the brand values “sporty, progressive, sophisticated” formed the basis of the makeover for the company’s 100-year anniversary.

“The Audi brand’s 100-year anniversary was the ideal occasion for evolving our corporate identity. A lot of lifeblood was invested in this project – and all participants are therefore delighted about the award,” says Jutta Carina Frisch, Head of Brand Development and Corporate Identity. The focus now lies on the four rings as the central element of the Audi identity – now with a design that’s more contemporary, of higher quality and more precise, they combine with the brand essence “Vorsprung durch Technik” to make a clear statement.

In the foreground of the new corporate design, next to the rings, stands the color Aluminum Silver. It underscores like no other color the Audi brand’s core expertise in lightweight design – one of the most important technologies for the car of the future. “The theme of the design is ‘Pure and Clean’,” explains Bruno Redelberger, Project Manager for the new corporate design. “Clear, minimalist and focused on what’s essential.” The new look is synonymous with perfection, technological expertise and the Audi brand’s design standards.

The new Audi corporate design is also supported by a new, exclusive font, the “Audi Type.” It was designed by the typographers Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen following an international competition. The red Audi lettering is now the element joining together Audi products and services, without competing with the rings. The color red also symbolizes the sportiness of the brand.
The reorientation of the new corporate design with its focus on Vorsprung durch Technik and the four rings was defined internally at Audi. On the agency side, MetaDesign (basic elements: logo, colors) and Mutabor (corporate design for advertising, TV endings, literature, picture style) collaborated on the new look. Both agencies are currently engaged in current corporate design projects. The Audi corporate design was last modified in 1995.

The German Designer Club “Good Design” competition has been held annually for the past ten years. This year AUDI AG won through with its refined corporate design against numerous projects of prominent companies from the widest variety of industries.

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