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22 October 2015

Editor’s Note: Like the Audi S8 plus before it, Audi has released special editions of the Audi RS 6 and RS 7 models under the new ‘performance’ moniker. The models include increased performance and plenty of new kit, from color-toned carbon fiber trim to titanium exterior details and unique wheel designs.

Just why Audi didn’t stick with the tradition “plus” naming structure that denotes the limited edition S-cars and RS-cars up until now. Perhaps “performance” is now an RS-car element, and plus will be reserved for S-cars given the S8 plus still uses the name.

Read the full press release on the new RS 6 performance and RS 7 performance models below. Also check out more photos in our photo archive here for the RS 7 performance and here for the RS 6 performance.rs6-f3q

[Begin Press Release]

Even more performance coupled with outstanding efficiency – that is what is behind the new “performance” model designation at Audi. The Audi RS 6 Avant performance* and Audi RS 7 Sportback performance* further hone the brand’s sporty profile. Their 4.0 TFSI engine with 445 kW (605 hp) and up to 750 Nm (553.2 lb ft) of torque push acceleration (3.7 seconds) nearly to levels usually reserved for supercars. Fuel consumption remains unchanged at 9.6 and 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers (24.5 and 24.8 US mpg), respectively, corresponding to 223 and 221 g CO2 per km (358.9 and 355.7 g/mi). These are best-in-segment figures.rs7-engine-2

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