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andrew ttrs 960 photo

New Audi TT RS Spotted in Virginia

For those close to Audi of America’s Herndon, Virginia headquarters, seeing something either ahead of release or not offered in the US market at all isn’t really all that out of the ordinary.  Thankfully, Audi enthusiasts are especially gifted at spotting Manufacturer license plates and know just where to find the good stuff.  Earlier today, this diligence paid off for Andrew Esch, as he is quite possibly the first person in America without an Audi employee badge to see the new TT RS in US spec, completely undisguised.

According to Andrew, the car was parked outside a shopping center in Ashburn, Virginia, possibly on its way to the nearby tech center.  In US trim (note the amber corner markers) and equipped with the smaller 19″ wheels, the new TT RS is quite the looker, undoubtedly aided by the bright shade of blue (we’re thinking Ara Blue) and contrasting Alu-Optic trim.
We’re looking forward to getting up close and personal with the new TT RS within the coming months, but for now, Andrew’s images is the closest we’ll get.  We’ve gone ahead and added all of his images below.

Thanks to Andrew Esch for the shots!

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