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New Transporter Movie In-Bound, Including Audi S8 Placement

Audi, and specifically its largest sedan offering, has been a staple the The Transporter movie franchise since the cinematic series’ second outing. So, given the series is getting another installment, it’s not a surprise that the Audi S8 will figure prominently.

It was 2002 when The Transporter hit movie screens with Jason Statham as lead actor and a BMW 7 series as the four-wheeled lead. That changed by the sequel in 2005 when Audi nabbed the automotive tie with its then-new D3 A8. The big Audi has been a fixture in every installment since, including a somewhat niche Transporter television series launched in 2012.

This latest installment is a bit of a reboot, a growing trend in Hollywood. Jason Statham is out, and has been replaced by Ed Skrein who will reprise the role of Frank Martin. Quite obviously from the trailer embedded above, the D4 Audi S8 will figure prominently.

Given the Audi theme, we’ve always considered the Transporter franchise as a bit of a guilty pleasure. Why guilty? Well, the plots are always pretty hard to believe and the automotive scenes are always pretty out of touch with reality.

So how does this latest version look to measure up. Figure the emphasis on “guilty” again this time. The trailer begins with a ringing iPhone, an iPhone 5 that is now old tech in the world of phones. Skrein’s voice can clearly be heard saying, “Technology moves pretty fast, doesn’t it,” as the camera focuses in on an Audi S8… a pre-facelift D4 A8.


Heck yeah, apparently technology moved too fast. That’s just the first of the guilt though, because you can clearly see in our header above that the S8 is doing some pretty distinct rear-wheel burnouts, with the trailer culminating into a pretty ridiculous jump scene into an airport jetway.

Did we mention it’s a guilty pleasure? We have no doubt we’ll go watch this new Transporter movie just as we have every other, but we’ll be honest we’re only in it for the Audi hoonery.

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