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Q&A: Audi Design Boss Marc Lichte Talks with CAR Magazine about prologue

Anyone following along with the Audi story knows the Audi prologue concept revealed last week in Los Angeles is a signal of design to come from Ingolstadt. Audi chief of design Marc Lichte was hired to shake things up at the car manufacturer and the prologue concept may be considered his calling card. As such, the German designer was open for conversation in L.A. and CAR Magazine caught up with him to review what’s up.

Audi prologue concept

If you read the entire conversation, you’ll learn some interesting points including some time references. Lichte says work began on prologue only back in February. In the world of car construction, that’s not that long a time. On top of that, he says the car heavily influences the upcoming next-generation A6, A7 and A8 models due to fully switch over to MLB-evo architecture in their next go-around.

Audi prologue concept

There’s much, much more, but we don’t want to steal CAR’s thunder. For this reason, we’d suggest you head on over there and read it there.

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