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Q&A: Mattias Ekstrom on Munich DTM Victory

The first victory of the season — at the show event in Munich of all places. What does this success mean to you?
“Clearly, a victory without points is only half the fun. But to finally be part of a podium ceremony again, to spray the bubbly, and to go into a press conference as the winner does mean a lot to me. This success is important for the whole team that works very hard and truly deserves this victory. I’m very happy for them as well.”

The race was very dramatic. In view of your gap at half-time, did you still have any hopes for victory?
“I know that a race is never over before the checkered flag has dropped. So I made up my mind to fight all the way to the end and of course kept hoping that it would be enough to win in the end.”

What are you taking from this weekend to the next championship round at the Nürburgring?
“Above all, it’s the certainty that we’re learning more about the car with each race kilometer. That’s why this event was important for us too. And then of course there’s the joy about the success in Munich. That’ll give us wings in the Eifel as well.”

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