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2014 Audi Forum Ingolstadt May garage 563 960x480 photo

‘quattro’ Script. Everyone’s Doing it in Ingolstadt.

While on the ground in Ingolstadt last week, we couldn’t help but notice a distinct trend. It’s not that quattro-equipped Audis are rare… especially in the brand’s home town. Even still, it seemed most any of these cars now sported ‘quattro’ script decals on their lower rear rear flanks.


The first time we ever noticed the adornment on an Audi was a modified A4 allroad we reported on several months back. The ACE Alloy wheels allroad was one clean build, and looked the business with outline quattro script subtly placed on the lower rear doors. That may not be the first time it had been done, but it’s the first car where we recall seeing it.


Several months later when the new Audi S1 compact hit the market, initial PR photography revealed that black quattro script decals with similar placement were to be a factory design cue.


Fast forward to last week and we’re in Ingolstadt. The S1 on display by the cafe in building A51 sported the look… no surprise. Then, we began to notice a trend. Strolling the Audi Forum’s underground parking garage we noticed A-cars, S-cars and even an RS-car with the same appearance. Driving around Ingolstadt we next noticed car-after-car with the same theme.


New cars, older cars. It didn’t matter. It seems a figurative memo went out in the Ingolstadt region that this is the new cool thing to do, and everyone’s in on it.

So, what say you? Thinking of adding the look to your quattro?


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