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a3 sportback 960x480 photo

Spied: Audi A3 Sportback, MQB Generation

Though the A3 3-door is the only version of Audi’s new MQB-based model officially shown thus far, variants are continue to pop up to photographers’ delight. Earlier tonight we posted photos of the S3 3-door spied testing at the Nurburgring and now we’ve run across real life shots of the up-until-now-unseen A3 Sportback (hat tip to Hans Z. and Syed of IEDEI.)

We’re not entirely sure of the source of the photos, though we’ve traced them back to a French website. As you can see, the new Sportback makes few radical departures from the original and highly successful current-generation A3 Sportback save perhaps the much more aggressive taillight treatment.

We took our own stab at creating an A3 Sportback render for a recent article in our Intel series that borrowed more of the sloped back of the Audi A7, though subsequent information from our own sources suggested the car would be much more like the current vehicle as this one reflects.

If you’d like to see a less pixelated rear shot and a second front shot of this car, follow the line to

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