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SR Auto Group Introduces ‘Project Speed Walker’ Based on Audi R8 Spyder

Vancouver’s own SR Auto Group is at it again with their latest build – this time centering around an R8 V10 Spyder. As is typical of the Canadian firm, the car’s been given a title, ‘Project Speed Walker’. Also typical is the company’s move to add some subtle and stylish modifications to an already impressive exotic.

Here’s the rundown in SR Auto Group’s own words.


The car is tied together with the use of carbon fiber and shades of black. For Project Speed Walker we worked with the great people at PUR Wheels, Hofele, PPI, MA Carbon, Miltek, APR, and Carbonio. Projects such as this do not happen over night, its takes weeks of planning, sometimes even a month to decide the exact parts that we feel would suit the overall project the best.


PUR 4OUR Monoblock, 20×9 +38, 20×12 +46 | Modern Gloss Black

Hofele Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler

PPI Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
MA Carbon Fiber Rear Center Console
MA Carbon Fiber Gear Shift Circle

Carbonio Carbon Fiber Intake System
Miltek Exhaust System
APR ECM Upgrade

More Here: SR Auto Group

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