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Watch: Autocar Drag Races an R8 V10 Against an R8 LMS

Remote controlled cars will never not be entertaining. Whether they’re the crappy electric ones we all got as kids or the nitro-powered ones that shriek like banshees, RC cars are ever lust-worthy.

In much the same way as watching your friends get hurt, watching RC cars race real cars is always entertaining. That’s why this video of an Audi R8 V10 racing against 1/6 scale RC R8 LMS is such a Christmas treat.

This video shot by Autocar is more of a lark than anything else, but does prove two things. First, RC cars are seriously quick. Second, getting a 1/6th scale car to 60 mph is really hard.

It could have something to do with the car racing in the rain—turning even the tiniest puddles into lakes for the car to skip across—but the RC R8 has a hell of a time just going in a straight line.

That said, though, off the line, even despite what looks like a head start, the RC R8 does have the jump on the full size R8. Mind you, smaller wheels are better for acceleration.

Ultimately, the RC R8 can’t go straight for long enough (1/6 of a  ¼ mile) to beat the regular R8 without cheating. But in his best impression of Scrooge waking up on Christmas morning, host Matt Prior gifts the RC car a victory.

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