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Watch: The R8 Goes Toe to Toe with the NSX

The automotive world is at a crossroads. A new school is knocking at the door, making big claims about speed and economy, but the old school still has a few lessons to teach.

Somewhat surprisingly, Audi, which has recently made its own claims about being a vanguard for the electric future, is also one of the keepers of the analogue past and this Carfection video shows why.

With its big, naturally aspirated V10, the Audi R8 is a mid-engined celebration of fire and brimstone. Which makes it the perfect counterpoint to the hybrid, turbocharged, electronic NSX.

Like Senna’s NSX before it, this new Honda punches above its weight and uses the latest technology to aide it in its hungry consumption of miles. It is, by all accounts, exceedingly good. But it ain’t better. Not yet, anyway.

Thanks to its glorious engine and Audi’s mechanical mastery, the R8 delivers a degree of control, speed, and fun that’s almost impossible to match. The NSX comes close, host Alex Goy even picks it as the winner, but is forced to reconsider after another drive in the R8.

The NSX is undeniably impressive, but there’s still no replacement for displacement.

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