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Worthersee Gallery #4: Thursday Audi Highlights

Our last Worthersee gallery update today comes from our own Jamie Vondruska who was in town today for the opening of the Volkswagen Group displays like the Audi stand we featured earlier today. Making the rounds in Reifnitz today, Jamie was fortunate enough to run across many more cars and highlights that haven’t been previously captured by our other contributors to this event coverage.

Below are a few highlights.

Do not adjust your screens. That is a B5 RS 4 Avant complet ewith RS-flared Avant trailer. Though honed from unobtainium as they are in the USA, the earliest RS 4 generation is still not exactly commonplace. In as much, we wonder the back story on that trailer. Did they cut the nose off of a wreck? Were spare flares grafted onto a cut A4 chassis? Did the owner camp in the trailer? We’re not sure, but we are sure this setup added to the spectacle of Worthersee.

The facelifted B8 you see here almost rolled right past our photographer though he managed to get a few shots (more in our gallery) as it inched its way past him. The car is obviously a company car versus a tailored enthusiast-owned car, and it appears to show off the latest B8 widebody body kit for Austrian manufacturer MS-Design. This firm makes OE paplcations for several car manufacturers and their quality is as you might expect for such supplier status, so we hope to learn more about the look in the near future.

As mentioned, we’ve already covered most of the Audi stand so we’re not including much of that in this report, even though there’s plenty in the gallery linked to this story. Even still, our photographer snapped this A1 quattro on display at the Audi stand that has eluded our other contributors. Clearly the car sports matte grey paint or a matte wrap, while the usual red trim of an A1 quattro has been swapped for neon green to match the graphics on the car. It makes for an interesting look.

Some may say it looks like a Volkswagen Polo Mk1 and they wouldn’t be wrong. The Audi 50, believed to be designed by Bertone, was quickly rebadged and sold as a VW following that company’s purchase of Audi in the early 70s. By the time the second-generation Polo was launched, the 50 had been retired from the Audi lineup in the wake of Audi’s more serious positioning as a competitor to BMW and Mercedes-Benz, neither of which had such a car in their portfolios. Today the Audi 50 is a stylish call to the past and a spiritual successor to the Audi A1. Collectors and enthusiasts are snapping them up and, as you can see here, some are being modified.

Yes, we know it’s a wrap but we can’t stop ogling this Mk1 TT. The car is from an era akin to Audi concept cars with high-polish bodywork like the Avus quattro concept and the ASF concept precursor to the D1 A8. While mirror finish is sometimes (almost always) kind of gaudy, the satin(ish) polished silver look on this TT just seems to work.

What can we say. We’re suckers for a nice OE+ build. This A3 Sportback looks the business wearing two-tone painted 20-inch wheels in the same design as the RS 5 winter wheel.

Another OE+ favorite of ours, and likely one of our favorite cars spotted at Worthersee, is this simple lowered RS 3 Sportback with 20-inch rotor alloys… a simple +1″ over stock for the RS 3 and quite a bit lower in its stance. Just looking over the car, we notice a few more interesting details like matte black center cap frame ring (normally chrome) and a US-spec “Supercharged” badge. Clearly this car retains the 2.5 TFSI engine, so perhaps the owner figured that affixing it to a turbocharged RS 3 was fair game since Audi calls supercharged models “TFSI” in Europe.

There may be no more exemplary car showcasing the over-indulgence in leather than this particular burgundy first-gen A3. Those diamond-stitched shell seats grabbed our attention most though further examination of other shots in our gallery will easily confirm that the leather went well beyond the interior and bodywork as seen from this particular angle.

It’s debadged in true sleeper fashion so we’re not sure if this is a Coupe quattro or an S2… so we’ve labeled it S2. Whatever the designation, this B3/B4 coupe is exemplary of what was so great about that era and looks the part with OE+ modifications like B5 RS 4 wheels and RS 2 front bumper.

We’ll end it with this RS 2. Full shots in our gallery will confirm it had suspension and wheels. It also appears to be dark green, which is rare for an RS 2. You can’t see most of the mods here, but we love the angle so it made our highlight reel. See a lot more photos of this and other cars in our photo gallery linked below and to the right. Also check out more coverage of Worthersee in our event coverage index HERE.

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