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Audi Applauds German Government’s Interest in Tax Incentives for Electric Vehicles

Following the news yesterday that the German Government is moving towards tax incentives to encourage the sale of electric cars, Audi AG is affirming its support for the measures.

Bloomberg reported yesterday that following months of arguments on the topic, tax breaks on electric vehicles are coming out as the likely method of incentivizing the purchase of electric cars.

“Audi affirms that electric mobility in Germany requires targeted stimuli,” says Julio Schuback, Spokesman of Finance and Organization. “We are therefore in favor of […] a buying incentive by the Federal Government.”

The German government has been intent on encouraging the sale of electric cars since Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that her goal was to reach 1 million electric cars on German roads by 2020.

Finding best way to do that has been difficult, though. Bloomberg reports that only 30,000 electric vehicles have been bought in Germany, a small fraction of the more than 3 million cars bought each year.

“Cash rebates cost billions,” said Peter Ramsauer, chair of the German Parliament’s economic affairs committee, in an interview. By contrast, “making part of the purchase price tax-deductible is an incentive that can make sense.”

Audi too are looking towards a plug-in future having just announced the Q7 e-tron hybrid electric. Audi were also among the German manufacturers who jointly presented the universal charging system for electric vehicles.

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