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12 sandy flood cars kuntz 840x480 photo

In Pictures: 15,000 Cars Damaged by Hurricane Sandy Await their Fate on NY Airport Runway

If you frequently watch the NBC Nightly News, then you may have caught mention of this during the last week. It seems that in the wake of superstorm Sandy, damaged cars are being amassed  at the Calverton Executive Airpark in Riverhead, NY. It’s estimated that 200,000 vehicles were damaged during the storm and just 15,000 are parked bumper-to-bumper on commercial air strip measuring more than 10,000 feet in length on its longest runway.

There’s no doubt there are a few Audis in this mix. Sandy did not discern the difference between a beater and a super exotic, so the mix here includes some of everything. We can spot at least one A6 in the image we used above. That photo, and many more like it have been published over at Autoblog and were taken by Doug Kuntz.

The less damaged cars in this mix will likely be auctioned off, albeit with a branded title denoting their flood-damaged history. Others will be parted out or scrapped depending upon just how far gone they are.

Kuntz allowed Autoblog to reprint the pics under the caveat that they spread his warning to beware of buying any flood-damaged automobile. We’re passing that along here. Buyer beware.

“I saw some of these cars parked on the streets of Rockaway with the bags deployed. I talked with tow truck drivers and mechanics who moved these cars, and have worked on Katrina wrecked cars. The tow truck drivers confirmed the airbag deployments, and the mechanics agreed about the problems taking time to show, and be very expensive to fix, and in some cases, not worth the cost.” – Doug Kuntz

If you want to see the full collection of photos and get more information on the situation, check it out on Autoblog.

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