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Petrolicious Profiles Tim Pappas’ Audi Sport Quattro

As the owner of a RUF CTR Yellowbird, an Audi Sport Quattro, a Lancia Delta S4 Stradale and IMSA WeatherTech Sport Car’s Black Swan Racing, Tim Pappas is a very fortunate individual.  Over the past week, Petrolicious has worked incredibly hard to make that painfully apparent, and after just two pieces on specific pieces of Pappas’ collection (with more notworthy cars of various vintage to come, from what we hear), we just can’t help but be extremely envious.


In the full writeup (available here), Pappas does not hesitate to wax poetic about what the car means to him, making the transition from a magazine cutout thumb-tacked to a cork board, to finally entering his garage in 2012, and just how great of a daily driver it could be, if it wasn’t worth nearly half a million dollars.  But comparing it to his 1984 grey-market 911 Turbo could be considered it’s highest praise, noting how has much of the same character and driving feel, but while being much more refined.

Read the full interview over on Petrolicious, here.

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