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Lamborghini Opens Up Dream Opportunity for US College Students

Lamborghini has teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to further its research and development.

The Italian automaker has signed a three-year sponsorship deal with the Boston-based university, allowing it to take more than 50 students to study abroad each year in Italy. Those students will assist with research and development, seemingly a dream opportunity for automotive enthusiasts attending MIT.

“We often see a win-win: the combination of their analytical skills with the research creativity that comes from MIT’s students and researchers,” said MIT-Italy faculty director, Carlo Ratti. “I would expect something similar also in the case of Lamborghini.”

MIT sees the partnership as similar to a 2007 deal between Boeing and the University of Washington in Seattle, which resulted in a completely new and faster method of creating carbon fiber parts. It’s unclear just where the students will contribute to Lamborghini’s R&D, but the company’s R&D director Maurizio Reggiani hints that it may related to “energy of the future,” such as batteries or hydrogen fuel-cell development. Other subjects of interest include composite materials and manufacturing, and hybrid powertrains.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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