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This is Not a Lamborghini Urus, But it Plays One on the Internet

A photo of a mysterious SUV wrapped in Lamborghini camouflage and rocking “Lamborghini” tape (how much do you want a roll of that in your stocking?) has been making the rounds of the internet after Top Gear’s Rowan Horncastle tweeted the picture from the Munich airport.

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As a result, the internet has been abuzz speculating on whether or not this test vehicle is Lamborghini’s fabled Urus, SUV.

Our trusty spy photographers from CarPix assure us that this is not a Urus (an Oorus? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Instead, it’s a promotional tool for a Lamborghini dealer in Nurnberg that’s being used to advertise the Urus.

This picture of the SUV, though it has a Lambo badge between the lights, clearly has Q7 tail lights. Along the side are written the words “Die Urus kommt,” which the Google tells me is German for the Urus is coming.


The Volkswagen Group actually has a rich history of disguising SUVs as other brands’ SUVs, as you may recall from when VW disguised a Tiguan as a Kia. And in no way does that prove that SUVs are all jelly beans that pretty much look the same and I won’t hear any arguments to that effect.

At. Any. Rate. Turns out you can’t trust everything you see on the internet. Who knew?

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