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Watch: Doug DeMuro Explains Why the Lamborghini Murcielago is Crazy Fun

Modern supercars are often accused of not being special enough. Though they may be more driveable, a certain amount of the theater is lost when cars capable of breaking 200 mph are quiet and comfortable and fuel efficient.

In that sense, the Murcielago is anything but modern. With its very heavy steering, gargantuan proportions, and cramped cabin it’s essentially a V12 with some seats attached.

While there’s an undeniable appeal to that, it does lead to some quirkiness, all of which Doug DeMuro points out with childlike glee. From the bings to the bongs to the seats that don’t face forward and parking brake on the driver’s left, the Murcielago is anything but normal.

Crucially, though, despite all of its quirks, DeMuro can barely do anything but pull faces that are at once thrilled, afraid, and aroused as soon as the engine starts. And that may be the highest praise a supercar can get.

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