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435 HP for Saloon and Avant – The New ABT S4 in Faster than Ever Form

40 years ago, the Audi 80, the ancestor of the A4, made its highly successful debut. It’s a long time since the once gentle, solid mid-range model stopped behaving itself and started setting the very highest standards. Even back in 1972, ABT was the first port of call for all enthusiasts who wanted more performance and more driving enjoyment. “It was always important to us to amplify the typical personality of a car with an extra helping of sportiness and dynamism”, explains Hans-Jürgen Abt, CEO of the well-known finishers.

The ABT Sportsline engineers have put their heart and soul into the new S4. Or as Hans-Jürgen Abt puts it: “In this particular car, the letters AS stand for ‘Absolutely Sporty'”. Because in its ultimate form, the ABT S4 can do everything that bit better. Whether it’s the elegant Saloon or the practical Avant – the 435 PS (320 kW) V6 petrol engine is a “steam hammer with exquisite manners”, which is happy to be a travelling companion or a street racing car, with a motorsports gene to guarantee extra driving pleasure.

A total of 435 well-fed horses put this car a clear 102 horsepower (75 kW) ahead of the production version, which is already a powerful car. This enormous extra performance is brought to you by ABT POWER technology. Its 520 Nm of torque (production version: 40 Nm) is a clear sign that the V6 has plenty of “bite” in any situation. With a top speed of 282 km/h (electronically limited), the S4 and its three-litre powerhouse engine beat the production version by 32 km/h. The ABT S4 is capable of developing its core virtue, its sheer power, in every speed range and in all gears. This subtle supercar is just as much fun around tight corners as it is on an empty Autobahn. And with its sporty ABT alloy wheels in the CR or DR model range, the S4 shows how fast it can go even when it’s standing still. The designer rims are available in 19″ and 20″ and as you would expect, come fitted with the appropriate high-speed tyres. 40 years of innovation – all condensed into the latest ABT S4. But be careful: its “ultimate” variation is highly addictive.

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