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Audi TT Mk3 FR Abt Sportsline 540 960x480 photo

Abt Sportsline with Improved Audi TT and 400 hp Volkswagen Golf R at Wörthersee

According to Hollywood, the ancient Greeks didn’t need more than 300 Spartan foot soldiers to keep a mighty army at bay. If you want to come to fame at the Austrian Wörthersee event at Reifnitz from 13 – 16 May, you need a few more troops. And fast cavalry only, please.


ABT Sportsline has therefore equipped the Golf R, presented at its joint booth with H&R, with 400 hp / 294 kW (production car: 300 hp / 221 kW).

Editor’s Note: This Golf is interesting to our readers not just because it is fast, but also because this is essentially the same spec 2.0 TFSI engine as the unit found in both the Audi S3 and the new TTS.

The visual effects could indeed be Hollywood-made. The globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group has given the aggressive Golf a bilious green car wrap, which has even left its mark on the 20’’ ABTFR wheels and makes this compact rocket appear as if it came from a different planet. The high-quality ABT front grille, matching head light covers and side skirts and the tailgate add-on really come into their own here. Particularly impressive are the four mighty black-chrome-plated tailpipes of a diameter of 102mm.

Audi TT by Abt Sportsline

And this brash Golf is not alone: ABT Sportsline has also brought the new Audi TT to the Wörthersee tuning event. The sports car is in really good shape and has been upgraded from 230 hp / 169 kW to a full 310 hp / 228 kW, with a maximum torque of 440 Nm (production car: 370 Nm). ABT springs and sway bars see to it that drivers do not have to worry about balance or agility. The dramatic body kit consists of a front skirt add-on, mirror caps, a rear spoiler and rear skirt set plus ABT muffler system.

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