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Audi S6 C7 exhaust Akrapovic 1139 960x480 photo

Akrapovic with Titanium Exhaust for Audi S6

Following Akrapovic and Audi Sport made their working relationship known as titanium exhaust supplier for cars like the Audi R18 and the RS 5 DTM, it was hinted that the relationship would also pay off for road cars. This appears to be coming to fruition, as the firm has quietly added the Audi S6 to their offerings on their official website.

Titanium exhaust for Audi S6 by Akrapovic (photo: Akrapovic)

For those not familiar with Akrvpovic, the brand has its roots in the building of super lightweight titanium exhausts for motorcycles. More recently they’ve turned their skills towards cars and, in particular, high performance cars. Their work is both impressive in its details and exotic in its materials, explaining why they’re often a bit more expensive than the more common stainless steel exhaust systems available on the market.

Titanium exhaust for Audi S6 by Akrapovic (photo: Akrapovic)

Exhaust systems usually have two benefits – sound and power. As far as sound, Akrvpovic has a slick comparison of sound files between stock and their own exhaust HERE. Regarding power, the quick and dirty figures are an added 4.6 hp and 5.8 lb-ft. More importantly, the use of Titanium mean you’ll also drop a cool 59.1 lbs from the weight of the car.

Titanium exhaust for Audi S6 by Akrapovic (photo: Akrapovic)

Check out more information over at the Akrapovic website HERE.

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