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APR Claims “500hp+” is Coming to MQB Platform S3 and A3 2.0TFSI

APR has been hinting for quite some time that their highly anticipated big turbo kit for MQB platform vehicles would be one of the most impressive they’ve ever done.  Recently, the firm made their kit Facebook official, showing an image of the forthcoming system which will go on sale early next year.  And while the kit looks to be quite impressive, it’s APR’s claimed numbers that really have our attention.

With the new kit, APR says that owners of MQB platform cars with 2.0T power (namely A3 and S3) can expect to see somewhere upwards of 500hp after installing the turbocharger and supporting mods.  It’s an impressive feat to say the least, achieving numbers that Audi owners frankly didn’t think possible from relatively few changes.  And as with all APR kits, it should retain proper street manners as well, in addition to playing nicely with quattro.  We can’t wait to get our hands on one.

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