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APR Tuned Teases Photo of New Supercharger for Audi RS 5 & RS 4

Alabama-based Audi tuner APR played the role of tease yesterday by putting out this lone photo of a new supercharger unit they’re nearly ready to push into the market. After looking it over and making our own guesses as to precisely what it was, we dropped a note to a few sources at the firm and can verify this news.

What you’re looking at here is a new charger unit designed for the Audi RS 5 and thus likely compatible with the B8 RS 4 as well. APR already has a charger unit for the B7 RS 4’s high-rev 4.2 FSI V8, but the dual intakes on the B8 cars are different and thus required a bit of a redesign.

Our sources weren’t ready to publish power figures just yet but the B7 RS 4 system (dyno graph seen here) boosts horsepower from 421 to 555 hp and torque from 372 to 489 ft-lbs. The engine in the B8 breaths better through the aforementioned dual intakes and weighs in at 450 hp stock, so those watching this product can assume the new math from there.

More Information via APR’s Facebook page:

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