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Audi RS7 C7 Vossen NaplesSpeed Naples 335 960x480 photo

Audi Naples / NaplesSpeed Already at Work with New RS 7

It seems like it’s been just weeks since new facelifted C7 models started showing up at dealerships, but that hasn’t thwarted Audi Naples and NaplesSpeed. It seems as soon as a new Audi RS 7 arrived from port, they got to work upgrading Audi’s latest and greatest Sportback.

Audi RS 7 by NaplesSpeed and Audi Naples

Mark MacLaughlin of Audi Naples dropped us a note, sharing this mix of photos from NaplesSpeed. As you can see, the build includes just a few upgrades that set the car off. When your base is an Audi RS 7, a full makeover isn’t completely necessary.

Audi RS 7 by NaplesSpeed and Audi Naples

So what are the upgrades? For starters, the RS-car’s 21-inch wheels were swapped for a set of 22-inch Vossen CVTs. Even these are tailored, in gloss black with a red lip and painted red caps. The finish is an aggressive choice, but works quite well with this car’s more muted silver paint.

Audi RS 7 by NaplesSpeed and Audi Naples

To really appreciate the other modification, they’d have to drive past you… and preferably at full throttle. Once it arrived, this car was quickly fitted with a Milltek non-resonated exhaust. Yes, it probably frees a few ponies, but what will really turn your head is that sinister sound.

Audi RS 7 by NaplesSpeed and Audi Naples

Check out more from Audi Naples and NaplesSpeed at their respective websites. Thanks Mark for sharing.

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