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Audi R8 Toxic by Anibal Automotive Design

The body kit side of the aftermarket is a funny thing. For owners of cars from design-oriented brands like Audi, it can be hit or miss. While bodywork manufacturers may well create something wild, this doesn’t mean the final product is necessarily met with a warm embrace by enthusiasts. Even then, things aren’t definite as taste for a more wild kit like this R8 Toxic by Anibal Design may be loved in some markets and lamented in others.


We’ve been watching the R8 Toxic with interest via Facebook. Anibal Automotive Design has been actively teasing CGI images there – images like the ones included in this story. Hailing form Montreal, Anibal is known for its extravagant  bodywork on cars like the Porsche 911 and Cayman. Clearly the company is moving toward the R8 as well given these renders placed online.

Given the breadth of color combinations, Anibal Automotive Design certainly has planned for nearly every color combination eventuality. Curiously, the car in the renders appears to wear updated taillights and non-standard headlights, though the grille and hood shaping are clearly from the current-generation Audi R8.

What do we think of the look? For good or for bad, it seriously transforms the look of the car. We’re guessing markets such as those in the Middle East or Monaco where such high dollar conversions are more accepted will accept the car with open arms. That the bodywork will likely be made from carbon fiber rather than cheaper fiberglass or plastic will likely also play well in these markets with super rich clientele. Those with an eye for design more in keeping with Audi’s own design language will likely be less enthralled with the car. Either way, it is interesting to see such a clear re-skinning of the R8.


Check out more photos in our gallery linked to the right or follow Anibal Automotive Design via their fan page on Facebook.

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