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AWE Tuning Releases Audi A6/A7 S-FLO Carbon Intake

AWE Tuning has announced the release of the AWE Tuning Audi A6/A7 S-FLO Carbon Intake. This intake system features a fully enclosed carbon fiber air box and an AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter for a substantial increase in flow when compared to the stock system.

“The AWE Tuning A6/A7 S-FLO Carbon Intake is more than just a handsome aesthetic upgrade,” stated AWE Tuning VP of Marketing, Jesse Kramer. “Unlocking 13 hp and 12 ft-lbs of torque at the crank breathes new life into the already impressive A6/A7.”

AWE Tuning A6/A7 S-FLO Carbon Intake highlights:










More information, purchases, performance specifications, and pricing can be found on AWE Tuning’s website on the AWE Tuning Audi A6/A7 S-FLO Carbon Intake webpage, by calling AWE Tuning directly at 888.565.2137, or by emailing one of AWE Tuning’s Audi Performance Specialists at

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