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Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps for D4 Audi A8/S8 from Carbon Works Berlin

RS 8. Applying RS-car attitude and performance to a terribly unique idea. No, Audi’s never bothered doing it as there likely isn’t enough market for such a car, yet there’ve been countless runs on the idea by render artists and aftermarket tuning companies. Were you to want to build your own, it’s not like there aren’t parts to help aid in that. To that end, we’ve recently run across these carbon fiber mirrors from Carbon Works Berlin.

Carbon Fiber Mirror Cap for Audi A8/S8 D4 (photo: Carbon Works Berlin)

Carbon mirror caps are definitely a thing at Audi. They started on cars like the R8, and have migrated to more luxuriously appointed models like the RS 6 and RS 7. You don’t find them, from the factory at least, on a more mild-mannered S-car and that’s likely why you won’t find an OE carbon cap for the A8 or S8.

Carbon Fiber Mirror Cap for Audi A8/S8 D4 (photo: Carbon Works Berlin)

Fortunately for those who might fancy such a design element, there are firms like Carbon Works Berlin. Artisans like this German firm have established a rather healthy niche for making parts that may be identical in appearance to the OE equivalent, but are instead made of the slick-looking black and grey weave of carbon fiber.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Carbon Works Berlin website or see more photos that we’ve added to our photo archive and viewable via our usual gallery links below and also to the right of this story.

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