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Audi RS7 B7 Carbon Works Berlin 290 960x480 photo

Carbon Fiber Trim for B7 Audi RS 4 from Carbon Works Berlin

The B7 RS 4 is one of those Audi RS-cars that came in the days before exterior carbon optics were a thing. Yes, you could have carbon beltline trim on the inside and that’s been the case from the very outset of RS-cars, but for accents on the outside you’ll have to turn to one of those carbon fiber specialists like Carbon Works Berlin.


Fortunately for B7 RS 4 owners looking for such upgrades, the Berlin-based purveyor of all things lightweight, black and woven has a new line of goods specifically geared toward their cars specifically.


How specific is specific? Carbon Works Berlin has laminated OE parts with the same genuine “big weave” carbon fiber Audi themselves used on the inside of the RS 4. In other words, it’s an exact match for the most discerning OEM+ minded eye.


From the photo gallery released on Carbon Works Berlin’s Facebook fan page, we can see that they’ve added several components including chin splitter, singleframe grille frame, engine cover and rearview mirrors.


B7 fans will note there’s some compatibility here even if you don’t have an RS 4. That singleframe grille will likely fit any B7, while the RS 4 rearview mirrors should also swap on providing you have the RS 4 bases since the mirrors are a different design than standard mirrors on the A4 and S4. Worth noting though, the S4 (minus the limited edition 25 quattro in the USA that used RS 4 carbon) uses a more narrow weave carbon fiber on the inside when outfitted with carbon fiber trim.


Check out more at the Carbon Fiber Works Berlin website. We’ve also gone ahead and added these images to our own B7 RS 4 aftermarket photo gallery. You can find that linked in the usual spots below and also to the right of this story.

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