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Custom Carbon Fiber Center Caps from OCarbon

When it comes to OE+ style modifications, enhancement through subtlety is often the name of the game. So, when OCarbon posted pics of some new custom carbon fiber center caps, we were most intrigued. In case you don’t know, OCarbon is a custom carbon fiber trim and component fabricator who has been around the Audi tuning scene here in America for several years. They got their start applying carbon to interior trim pieces for that upgraded look and have branched out quite a bit further over the years. Case in point are these caps.

The shot you see here (above) is actually the company’s second foray into carbon center caps. These round wheel caps began life as stock units from a new RS 5 and should be compatible with most modern Audi wheels except for Q7. The job required OCarbon to carefully remove the chrome frame and the rings. With carbon laid out and finished as a coating on the piece, OCarbon then had to drill out the holes for the re-installation of the chrome pieces. While paintstaking, the level of detail makes for an OE level of quality in appearance.

OCarbon’s first attempt at center caps for Audi was instead for the brand’s star-shaped center cap/lug cover (shown below). These were wrapped in a 20 oz. 2×2 twill carbon fiber material. As you can see, they also followed the same removal and then re-installation of the chrome trim as was seen in the round style cap.

If you want more information on OCarbon and what they do, make sure to check out there website HERE, or follow our links above to direct blog postings on these specific jobs.

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