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D2FORGED Shows off 21-inch CV2 Deep Concave Application for Audi S5

[Source: D2FORGED]

D2FORGED does things in volume. Remember their Audi A7 on CV2 Deep Concave wheels? This is its little brother, an Audi S5 with a similarly vicious deep concave setup!

Naysayers suggested that a 21″ Deep Concave setup wasn’t possible for an Audi S5. Too big, to bulky, will rub they’ve said. But as it turns out, their engineering department wanted to prove this wrong with a completely ridiculous CV2 Deep Concave setup in 21 inches in size. This is done without any issues, without any rubbing, perfectly snug to the wheel arches.

Sized 21×9.5 and 21×10.5 front and back respectively, this setup is completed with a Matte Black Center / Matte Black Lip / Red Lip Stripe / Hand Painted Red “D2” centercap color combination, perfectly matching the overall darkness and menacing look of this S5.

Any additional information, specifications or questions regarding a set of D2FORGED wheels can be pointed to or you can get all your answers by giving them a call at 800 913 3513 where their sales team will be more than happy to help you out with anything you may need.

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