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D2FORGED XL3 + Audi TTS = Win

[source: D2FORGED]

Every now and then a custom wheel order comes along that presents a set of unique challenges, that D2FORGED must conquer to turn our another fantastic build. The Audi TTS is one of those just one of those cars. A high offset, huge calipers, complex all-wheel drive system and dual clutch transmission all stand in the way of acquiring that signature D2 look, stance and with improved dynamic performance.

The first challenge tackled was fitment. With the caliper size and high offset, our D2FORGED’s standard FMS profile was ruled out as the lip would be too small (2.0″ or less), same for shallow concave, and deep concave was outside the budget constraints of the customer. The XL Series was the perfect choice as it provides a 1.0″ deeper lip compared to the classic FMS Series profile and also yields increased caliper clearance. Next it was decided to run a square width setup, while utilizing a custom build specification to yield a staggered outer lip and more aggressive stance. This spec also allows the use of non staggered tires, which prevents any possibility of AWD issues, error lights etc. Although D2FORGED developed the tech specs to indeed run wider rear tires on the all-wheel drive system, we developed the square setup specs to offer potential customers all options.

Final details are:
19×9.0″ – 2.0″ lip front
19×9.0″ – 3.0″ lip rear

With the popularity of our CV3 model D2FORGED deciced to use that same design, but in the XL Series. Although there’s no concavity, the detailed faceting of the spoke windows and intricate design details of the lug detail area translate very well on the aggressive deep lip XL series profile. Bathed in classic brushed aluminum / chrome lip finish with hand painted red “D2″ centercap logos, the results speak for themselves.

Any additional information or questions regarding a set of D2FORGED wheels can be directed or you call 800 913 3513.

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