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European Market Tow Hitch for Audi A6 from Rameder

[source: Rameder]

With tools at home, there’s no need for a carpenter – and with the new Audi A6 there could be no need for a van. Rameder (, the leading European supplier of tow bars, offers no less than three different tow bars for the latest generation of vehicles, combining elegance with practicality.

Whatever hook is used, a Rameder tow bar will turn the A6 into a proper cart horse: even the elegant limousine with its 2.5 tons of towing capacity can almost substitute a minibus – not to mention the spacious station wagon. These stats do not only qualify the A6 as a genuine beast of burden, as there are more applications imaginable than just dragging fully loaded trailers back from DIY stores. On the road to your holiday destination this comfortable long distance cruiser can easily be paired up with a large caravan. And the consistent vertical tow bar load of 100kg even allows for fully-loaded bicycle carriers with up to four bicycles.

The question remains as to which type of tow bar would be the best choice. The hands-on working man may want to choose the reasonably priced rigid system, entailing an electrical kit with a thirteen-pole data bus. If you wish to drive up to the opera house you may want to opt for the removable spherical head. The alternative, which can be manually pivoted, is even more practical and fashionable. Incidentally, a technically and qualitatively adequate upgrade with original accessories from Audi will cost far more than Rameder will charge. So visit, now!

Please note before ordering: find out if your vehicle was supplied ready to have a tow bar installed. Otherwise you can have your vehicle upgraded by Audi anytime for a small surcharge.

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