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caratere a4 front photo

Gallery: Caractere Releases Body Styling Package for Audi A4 and A4 Avant

First displayed at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, Caractere has announced the release of their full styling kit for the all-new Audi A4.  Available for both Sedan and Avant versions, the kit draws clear inspiration from the current RS lineup, recent Audi concept vehicles and Caractere’s signature touches.

CAA4 240 W-3

The rear bumper, for instance, takes clear inspiration from the SQ5’s rear diffuser, while implementing Caractere’s signature integrated exhaust exits.  Slightly more aggressive side skirts work to make the kit feel like a more cohesive unit, without looking distinctly aftermarket, undoubtedly influenced by the current OEM plus trend happening throughout the tuner scene.

CAA4 240 W-1

The front clearly screams RS, as Caractere seems to have modeled this while looking at an image of the current-generation RS5, implementing a subtle grey trim panel, much less purposeful but still similar looking to what we see currently on the RS Q3.

Take a look at all the images of Caractere’s new A4 kit below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.


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