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Latest Audi A4 Styling from Rieger Tuning Embraces RS 5 Design Cues

Rieger Tuning has never really been a subtle body kit manufacturer. Up until recently, if you were looking for OE+ Audi-inspired designs, you were likely better of looking somewhere other than this often wilder purveyor of ground effects. That was the case up until the company pulled the wraps off of its latest A5 and S5 treatment that gave the more tame versions of this handsome coupe family a direct injection of RS 5 and even TT RS styling cues. Audi enthusiasts were very pleased with the change, so perhaps it’s not so surprising that Rieger’s new A4 product range follows a similar strategy.

Take a look at the photos you see here (and more in our gallery linked below) and you’ll see that the Rieger team kept with the RS formula, and specifically that of the RS 5. While newer RS models like the RS 4, RS 6 and RS 7 show Audi is moving toward a bit more of RS model differentiation, this Rieger kit sticks with the frowning maw of the RS 5 and TT RS designs and makes for a handsome overall look.

At the rear, the theme continues and the A4/S4 body kit has a rear lower valance nearly identical to that of the RS 5. For some reason the rear 3/4 shot of the car reveals a more typical Riegeresque side skirt with black segmentation even though other shots like that of the profile of the car don’t show the piece. We’d guess those really turned on by the OE+ style will likely forego the sideskirts and instead focus on the bumper treatments alone, and maybe paired with an RS-spec honeycomb grille as seen on this car.

See more photos of the car via our gallery or learn more about Rieger Tuning at their website

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