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Neidfaktor Completes “The British Project” Audi RS 6

Longtime elevator of bars and changer of games Neidfaktor has just completed a completely custom tailored Audi RS 6, which curiously does not feature the Green paint and Tan interior you’d expect from something bearing such a name.  Instead wearing dark blue exterior paint and paired with light brown interior, the combination is certainly one that just works for us, and as you’d expect, the craftsmanship is top notch.

Nearly ever part of this RS 6’s interior is covered in either alcantara or leather, including the trim strips, creating a cohesive and elegant look.  It’s a bold choice for sure, so bold in fact that we’re not sure we would have been sold had the project been sold merely on a verbal description.  Nevertheless, we are quite confident the British customer who commissioned this work is quite pleased with the result.
Check out additional photos of the build below, and see more from Neidfaktor, here.

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