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Neidfaktor Goes All Alcantara Everything with Bespoke Audi A1 Dashboard

For quite some time, alcantara and suede have been the dashboard fabric of choice for racers around the world, but like many racecar innovations before it, it didn’t take long for those with the means and the skill to adapt it for use on their road car.  The latest version of this ethos comes from our friends at Neidfaktor, covering the dashboard of a customer’s Audi A1 with the stuff, as well as knocking out a steering wheel to match and deviated yellow stitching just to kick it up a notch.
Of course, as this is a Neidfaktor build, the fit and finish is exactly as you’d expect, nearing and possibly surpassing something that would come out of quattro GmbH.  As usual, we’re glad to see Neidfaktor blurring the boundary between aftermarket and OEM, and look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.
Check out more from Neidfaktor here, and find additional images below.

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