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Audi A5 widebody Liberty Walk Performance 361 960x480 photo

New Photos Reveal More Details of Liberty Walk A5

Just two days after Liberty Walk Performance founder Wataru Kato teased that first rear shot of a widebody A5, his Japanese firm has now released even more images of their latest application. This will mark the second Audi model Liberty Walk has decided to tune.


The rivet flare style that forms the basis for the Liberty Walk look is, like Liberty Walk itself, something that stems from Japan. What began as a way to augment early Datsun Z-cars has turned into a monolith of aerodynamic tuning, with companies like RWB and Liberty Walk taking it to an even higher art form with their own unique styles.

The look isn’t for everyone. We noted that in response to the A5 image we ran yesterday. Even still, it is a decidedly unique look that gives the A5 an incredibly menacing transformation.


From these photos we can now see that the car being modeled is a pre-facelift A5 S line. That means the kit should fit pre-facelift S5s as well. Whether or not it also fits non S line models or post facelift B8.5 models remains to be seen.

Check out more information at the Liberty Walk Performance website HERE.

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