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Audi TT Mk3 OSIR Design 301 960x480 photo

OSIR Design with New Lineup for Audi TT / TTS Mk3

Before the boom of new companies from Germany producing OE looking carbon fiber pieces for Audi models, there was OSIR Design. Hailing out of Hong Kong, OSIR came on the scene years ago with its initial products for the first-generation Audi TT. The firm is still around and still making its OE replacement carbon fiber parts, and most recently shared with us this new mix of goods for the newest Mk3 Audi TT range.


Thus far there are six pieces in the mix, all but one being direct replacement carbon fiber components.


Those looking for more of a carbon fiber optic exterior package that Audi is yet to reveal will appreciate two subtle pieces for the exterior. These include a replacement decklid spoiler, basically a panel that replaces the outer skin of the adjustable motorized decklid spoiler at the back of the car. This looks is tied in at the front with a direct replacement center chin spoiler also in carbon fiber, though compatible only with TTS and TT S line models.


Carbon is also a great accent for the interior and this is not lost on OSIR. Usual pieces like inner door grab and door sills are a bit of a carryover from applications past.



Another piece, not necessarily new in TT applications but certainly new in the way it is designed is the cap that sits atop the instrument cluster binnacle. While this piece fully encompassed the instrument cluster on the TT Mk2, it is more of a cap on the TT Mk3 and decidedly more integrated in the overall design.

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