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OSIR Now with Carbon Fiber Line for Audi RS 5

We’re big fans of OSIR’s various carbon fiber components mainly because they don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The firm is good at picking OE components like chin edges and rear valances, then recreating them in carbon fiber for a very OE+ look and feel. We were certainly interested then when we learned they’d launched a line for the RS 5.

Look through the gallery attached and you’ll see several interesting components. Perhaps most significant is the carbon fiber hood. As this is a pre-facelift RS 5, this means current-gen RS 5 owners may be out of luck here, though owner of pre-facelift A5, S5 and european RS 5s may find this most interesting.

And though pre-facelift, many of the other components in this collection remain parts that were unchanged between the original and the facelift RS 5 designs. These include a carbon fiber chin splitter, a carbon fiber rear valance and a carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler.

See more photos in our photo gallery via the links to the right and at the bottom. Also find more information on OSIR Design website

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