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Pretos with Silver Carbon Fiber Accents for New Audi RS 3 Sportback

Carbon fiber accents as exterior trim styling cue have become a thing from Audi, at least in regards to its hottest RS-cars. Grilles, mirrors, diffusors and spoilers are all fair game for the often black/grey woven material. Even still, there are plenty more types of carbon fiber out there and experimentation with that has long been the forte of the aftermarket. Take for example this most recent application of silver carbon known as “Alutex” on an RS 3 Sportback from Pretos.


What exactly is Alutex? Effectively, it’s a bright silver take on the traditional carbon fiber weave. Consider it stylistically splitting the difference between aluminum optic and black carbon fiber options from the factory.


As you can see in these images released by Pretos on their Facebook fan page, the looks accents particularly well with a darker colored car like this black example. From afar, you’d be hard pressed to tell any difference from a silver optics car, but up close the difference is obvious.


The RS 3 in these photos shows Alutex carbon fiber treatment in both the front chin spoiler and rear diffusor positions. Perusing Pretos’ website, we found they also offer a matching application for the rearview mirror caps. Check out more information on each of these there.

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