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Rieger Tuning Program for New Audi A5 & S5 Decidedly OE+ with RS Look

Let’s face it. The body kit business can be hit or miss. Where as at one time Testarossa cheese grates or cut-to-fit mesh grilles were acceptable, today’s expectations by owners are nothing less than OE fit or a look complimentary to a car’s original design. Selling the truly avant garde body kits in markets like Russia or the middle east may still be possible but tastes in markets like Europe or the USA are also decidedly more factory.

Some companies have caught on to these trends faster than others. OE-looking kits aren’t entirely new concepts, but they’re a bit of a departure for European Audi tuner Rieger. In the past, Rieger has stayed on the wilder side of the business, going for brash looks but also staying consistent in their design for an established “Rieger look”. The firm’s latest approach to the facelifted A5 and S5 models though breaks new ground as it brings the firm decidedly into the realm of factory (or factory-inspired) design.

Look beyond the very un-factory looking wheels and also the side vents on the white car in these photos and you’ll find an overall design surprisingly consistent with the Audi Design Team. At the front the fascia looks like a factory RS 5, even using what looks like factory RS 5 grille inserts. At the rear valance the look is more obviously aftermarket, but still decidedly factory inspired. The optional decklid spoiler even borrows heavily from the trunk-mounted spoiler of the TT RS with its trademark V-shaped vertical struts. Only the stylized side skirts really give this away as an aftermarket kit.

In a lot of ways, we think Rieger has really hit a home run with its new A5/S5 treatment. The overall look is decidedly more bold if not wild like the usual Rieger treatment. Still, we think it will be accepted by the wilder crowd, where the OE+ fanatics should also embrace it in varying degree – either whole body kit or stand-alone sales of that chin or decklid spoilers.

Read more of the official information from Rieger below.

Audi A5 facelift by RIEGER
Relaunch for the big, strong Audi.

The people from Ingolstadt gave the A5 a facelift. Reason enough for the modeling department of RIEGER to start to work for more. The result is really impressive. Sporty dominantly the A5 is showing with a complete RIEGER front bumper, side skirts and a rear-skirt-extension. Optionally, the latter one as well as a spoiler splitter are also available in carbon look and the whole bodykit as usual by RIEGER with mounting kit and free for MOT. For driving, the Eggenfeldener tuner gave the vehicle 21-inch Corniche Challenge wheels combined with Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tires. The suspension is replaced with the quality of H & R sport springs. As an upgrade for highest butterflies feeling provides the RIEGER exhaust system with original RS5 blindness.

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