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Sad News: The ABT RS6-R Sold Out

Your chance to buy a 730 hp, all-wheel-drive wagon from one of Germany’s oldest tuning houses has gone. The ultra limited ABT RS6-R has now sold out. But don’t fret, there will be a successor.

The sad truth is that the RS6-R was never going to last. With only 25 made, your chances of buying this beast were never great, but that might actually be a good thing considering the lofty power figures.


Thanks to the ABT Power S tech package, the RS6-R gained 170 hp over the already quite powerful RS6. The upgrades didn’t stop there, though. With a stainless steel exhaust, carbon fiber  front lip, side skirts, mirror covers, and 22 inch FR alloy wheels, it would be hard to miss one of these… unless it was driving past you on the autobahn.


The good news is that when the next generation RS6 comes out, ABT will be ready to give it even  more power, too.

“In 2017, Audi is launching the C8 generation Audi A6,” says Hans-Jurgen Abt, CEO. “As one of the world’s leading Audi tuners, we will obviously be involved with this right from the word go!”

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