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Stateside Sepang Blue RS 7 is Shining Example of Tailored Audi

Though finely tailored commissioned interiors seem readily available in Germany from firms like Pretos or Neidfaktor, American Audi enthusiasts have had to admire such builds from afar as no equivalent trimhaus has really taken hold in the lower 50. So what’s an RS 7 to do? Well, if you’re like Casper Young, you make it happen regardless.


Of course, Casper didn’t start with a lightweight factory build. His 2016 Sepang Blue RS 7, like any RS 7 really, is already no slouch even in most basic of base forms. That said, his wasn’t base and Circle Audi was more than happy to help facilitate such a non-basic factory build.


Casper ordered his with Carbon Optic Package, Bang & Olufsen Audio, Dynamic Package with DRC, Night Vision, Audi’s Driver Assist Package, 21-inch 5-spoke Blade Wheels in Gloss Black and power closing doors. The interior was further specified with Lunar Silver Interior Sport Seats, Layered Aluminum/Black Wood Inlays, Black Alcantara Headliner and Audi Exclusive Leather Interior Package #1 (for USA) with Sepang Blue stitching on all leather, steering wheel, gear shift, Alcantara headliner and with Lunar Silver Alcantara door inserts.


Many owners would probably leave such a car alone. It’s already so incredibly good from the factory. However, there are those who seek even further perfection and Casper likely qualifies.


First came the subtle upgrades from Pretos, shipped over from their German shop near Ingolstadt specifically for this car. These included everything from carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler and carbon fiber mirror caps since the latest MY2015 carbon optics package substitutes this cute for gloss black equivalents. A carbon fiber B-pillar from Carbon Designz finishes the look.


Inside, the Pretos treatment continues with carbon fiber headliner handles, carbon fiber rear center console, Alcantara front seatback covers, and RS 7 floor mags with Sepang Blue piping. In addition, Wind&Fire RS-logo LED door projectors remind you upon exit and entry that this is not your everyday A7.


The remaining modifications were an exercise in both subtlety. Painted side markers from TAG Motorsports give the car a more European look, while ECS Tuning wheel spacers (20mm front and 17.5mm rear) fill out the wheel wells more satisfyingly.


Another level of tailoring embraced extensively on this car was that of the detailer. In addition to a ceramic window tint, the car also got Xpel Ultimate clear bra on the entire car, plus Opticoat Pro PLUS exterior coating on top of the clear bra.  Inside, this continued with Optiguard interior coating for leather and fabric.


Finally, Casper had the car gone over with a VAG-com, optimizing the VCDS coding and enabling new functionality such as windows up and down with the key fob.

Looking over the build, we find Casper Young’s Sepang Blue RS 7 to be much like a lot of the cars we’re seeing coming out of shops like Pretos and Neidfaktor over in Germany. To the casual observer, this may look like any other RS 7 you might encounter on a dealer lot. It takes a very discerning eye to catch the differences, but that makes them no less significant or appreciated. At the same time, the original Audi aesthetic is  both embraced and very subtly enhanced.

Special thanks to Casper Young and Christian Del Rosario at for the highly impressive photography accompanying this story.

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