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2015 SEMA Show Audi 1014 960x480 photo

TT Mk3-Look Taillights for TT Mk2 from Spyder

Anyone who spends days walking the vast SEMA Show can tell you that while the cars are most certainly the stars, the news doesn’t just end with the project cars. SEMA also offers a taste of what is to come from various aftermarket manufacturers, and one such manufacturer of LED aftermarket lighting units is Spyder.


Now, we know what you’re going to say. Aftermarket lights can be hit or miss. We agree… particularly in the case of Audi, a brand whose lighting signatures have evolved much faster than the often seemingly Christmas-themed lights that pass for “upgrades”.

One thing we did notice with many of the regular players in the LED aftermarket lighting niche is that they’re rapidly catching up. The busy dot matrix LED light signatures are beginning to go away, and the solid LED shaping is also taking hold here. Also, if this new TT design from Spyder is an indication, they’re beginning to take notice of factory design language.


We don’t know much about the design you see here. It’s a new design and hasn’t yet been listed on Spyder’s own website. The light was on display behind a Porsche star car on the Spyder stand, and its label suggests it’ll fit any TT Mk2 from 2006-2014. Interestingly, it features a lighting pattern closer to that of the new Mk3 Audi TT.

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