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Unitronic Announces New Logo and Updated Website

Since UNITRONIC©’s entry into the V.A.G. tuning industry in 2004, our corporate brand has evolved alongside the company’s success. In 2012, UNITRONIC introduced its new image reflecting the addition of Performance Hardware to its product line. It was at this time that UNITRONIC opted to drop “Chipped”, as not only was the term outdated in relation to its Performance Software, it was now only representative of a portion of its performance solutions, with the newly introduced Performance Hardware.

Since 2012, UNITRONIC has seen massive growth that can be attributed to respecting our core values — Performance, Quality and Reliability; and MAINLY the support of its ever-growing worldwide network of loyal Dealers, Distributors and Clients. UNITRONIC’s dedication to the V.A.G. aftermarket industry has resulted in our innovative solutions being recognized as the worldwide leader. Therefore we have updated our branding to reflect this reality.

In the future, you will continue to notice innovative solutions that are responsive to your desire for maximum performance and your need for reliability.

New logo and a brand new website! As the primary go-to-find information these days, our website is designed to clearly show our values in a genuine and concise look. You will experience a website that is more intuitive to navigate, more appealing and inspiring. GETUNITRONIC.COM follows the transition by reflecting changes and innovations of our brand; using responsive technologies and mobile friendly features, facilitating the way you find information whenever and wherever you want.


From everyone here at UNITRONIC, thank you for your continued support, trust, and dedication. This corporate branding update is being done for the benefit of its Authorized Dealers, Distributors, and loyal Customers worldwide. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to discuss things further, please contact UNITRONIC’s Marketing Department via email at

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