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Video: GRAND-AM Driver Ian Baas Stars in Latest APR Film Short for TT RS Entitled ‘Daydream’

When APR’s Arin Ahnell told us the Alabama firm had gone and hired their own in-house film team we were left impressed. Video has long been a strength of this Audi tuner turned GRAND-AM race team and placing a firm and consistent strategy on the production of film seemed like a solid move. The product of their labor certainly confirms this.

Out of the box the crew released their first spot about an R8 Spyder owned by APR Motorsport GRAND-AM driver Jim Norman and tuned by APR. This month they’ve enlisted the help of longtime team Audi pilot Ian Baas and used him to show off their dreamy take on the TT RS.

As most TT RS owners already know, the release for the APR Stage III kit for these cars is imminent. To help keep everyone interested in while all the finishing touches are made, this film provides plenty of shots of the car in action. It’s the stuff of a day dream really and that’s just the point.

When Ian Baas daydreams, what do you think he dreams about? We’re guessing some of those may center around crossing the finish line of the 24 Hours of Daytona in the APR Audi R8 GRAND-AM in first place. Newspapers are already printed claiming that his win over even the much faster GRAND-AM prototurtles is one for the record books and a gaggle of beauty queens help him crowd surf to the podium where the second and third place drivers are too awe inspired to even step up next to him. If that’s not the case, well, he’s certainly not slumming it dreaming of an empty road where he can have his way with his own Stage III Audi TT RS.

Watch it below.

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