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Audi Driver: Actress Emma Stone Trades Mini Cooper for Audi S6

Iron Man’s girlfriend Pepper Potts may drive an Audi S5 (as seen in Iron Man), but Spider Man wins out in the category of girlfriend’s cool cars. You see, it’s not that the S5 is any slouch, but we’re hearing Audi’s new S6 is seeing sub-four second 0-60 mph sprints in the hands of magazine testers, and Spidey’s on-screen girlfriend played by actress Emma Stone has been sighted recently sporting one of Audi’s spanking new S-cars.

We’ve decided to make a practice of not re-posting paparazzi photos, so you can either trust us on this claim or click through to CelebrityCarsBlog in order to see shots of Ms. Stone walking up to her black S6. According to CCB, she’s had a MINI Cooper up until recently, but she’s now dating Andrew Garfield who also played her love interest Spider Man in this past summer’s motion picture. It seems Garfield  is also an Audi driver so perhaps he’s talked Emma into her new ride.

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