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Chris Brown Audi R8 photo

Audi Driver: Chris Brown Drives an R8 Spyder, Posts on Instagram

So apparently Chris Brown purchased an R8 Spyder. The singer/songwriter is also known to have a few Lamborghinis, though it appears he’s picked up a black V10 Audi and has posted a few shots via his instagram account. We’ve also heard from a friend who lives in Hollywood that he’s been sighted in it several times and drives like a (insert NSFW term short for ‘Richard’ here).

So while his driving style may not be impressing our friend and his choice of seating location may be impressing his detailer more than other R8 owners, Chris’ taste in sportscars is definitely not in question. Check out more photos by Chris Brown on Instagram HERE and please note that his Instagram username is also NSFW.

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